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About James W. Campbell, Jr., Esq. – Mediator

Jim Campbell is a 1992 graduate of Case Western Reserve University School of Law in Cleveland, Ohio.  Since 1997, Jim has been a partner and owner in the firm Kruk & Campbell, P.C.  His practice experience has included extensive Family Court and Supreme Court involvement in every area of custody, visitation, child support, neglect and abuse proceedings and representation of children as a court approved Law Guardian.  His natural inclination towards problem solving and alternative dispute resolution led him to mediation.


Jim received his formal mediation training from the renown Center for Mediation and Training in New York City.  Since his core training in 2006, Jim has continued to attend continuing education and training seminars to keep current with the most cutting edge techniques and strategies in the field of mediation.


You will find that Jim’s legal background allows him to provide a lot of insight into the practical difficulties involved in becoming separated or divorced.  His legal experience in all aspects of family law will benefit each couple by helping them to understand the implications of their decisions.



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